Privacy policy

privacy policy

 We respect the privacy of our customers and give due consideration to their personal information, and we strive to protect their personal information carefully and manage it appropriately.

[Collection of personal information]
We collect personal information by legal and fair means.

[Use of personal information]
When we receive personal information from customers, we will specify the purpose of use in advance, except as required by law.

Except as required by law, we will use the personal information provided by our customers within the scope of the purpose of use specified by us and as long as it is necessary for the performance of our business.

In the course of business, we may share your personal information with a third party or outsource the handling to a third party.
In this case, we will supervise the third party to handle your personal information strictly.

[Providing personal data to a third party]
We will not provide or disclose your personal data to a third party without your prior consent, except as provided by law and the following paragraph.

In the course of business, we may share your personal information with a third party or outsource the handling to a third party.
In this case, the Company will supervise the third party to handle the customer's personal information strictly.

[Disclosure / correction / suspension of use of personal data]
We recognize that the customer has the right to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of the retained personal data about the customer, and if there is a request from the customer, we will promptly respond in accordance with the law. I will.

[Scope of application and revision of personal information protection policy]
The contents of this personal information protection policy will be applied from the date of publication on this website.
We may revise it without notice if we deem it necessary, such as a request from laws and regulations.

The latest information will be posted on this website.
The contents of this privacy policy apply only within this site.
We do not take any responsibility for the protection of personal information on other sites linked from this site.

[About access analysis]
We use the access analysis tool "Google Analytics" provided by Google Inc.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. This function can refuse collection by disabling cookies.

Learn more about how data is collected and processed by Google Analytics ( )Please refer to the.

[About user visit / action history information]
We may use advertisements delivered by third parties such as Yahoo Japan Corporation, Google GK, Facebook Japan Co., Ltd., and LINE Co., Ltd., and in connection with this, the third party may use the advertisement. In some cases, we have acquired and used cookie information / advertising identifiers of users who visited this site, visits to this site, usage / behavior information of apps, email addresses, phone numbers, names, mailing addresses, IP addresses, etc. There is.
Cookie information, advertising identifiers, etc. acquired by the third party will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party.

The user can stop the use of cookie information, advertisement identifiers, etc. by the third party for advertisement distribution by the following methods.

Yahoo ( )
Google ( )
Facebook ( )
LINE ( )

In addition, the Company does not provide the services of the Company and the companies with which the Company has a business alliance to individuals or corporations within the EEA (European Economic Area), and remarketing advertisements, etc. to individuals within the EEA. We do not collect information for retargeting purposes.