Refund policy

About defective products

We make every effort to inspect and ship the products, but in the unlikely event that a defective product arrives, we will replace it with a non-defective product. Please attach the image of the defective part to the email below and contact us.


After contacting us, we will inform you of exchange or return.

* However, this is limited to cases where you contact us within 7 days of delivery.

* We will bear the cost of returning defective products and shipping replacement products.

* Please be sure to check if there are any problems with the product immediately after it arrives. If a defect is discovered after 7 days of receipt, we will not accept exchanges and returns, even if it is the first time you use the item. Please note.

About returns and exchanges due to customer convenience

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience (other than product damage or stains).

As a general rule, we do not accept returns or exchanges of non-defective products due to customer's convenience such as wrong image or incorrect order size specification. Please consider carefully before ordering.

[We cannot accept returns if any of the following items apply]

・ Products that have been delivered for more than 8 days

・ Products used by customers

・ Products that have been soiled or damaged by the customer

・ When product tags, packages, etc. are soiled, damaged, lost, or destroyed

・ Products that the customer has been soiled by trying on, etc.

・ When purchased from a distributor other than our company