<transcy>About us</transcy>

We are a venture brand from Setagaya.

Existing apparel brands are now steadily becoming a declining industry.

Under such circumstances, the reason why we launched WAPROUD as a new brand is because we wanted to send a message to survive in this era when the new coronavirus has a feeling of obstruction.

Did you know that the apparel industry is the second largest source of environmental pollution in the world?

The era of mass production and mass consumption of unnecessary clothing has come to an end.

In such an era
We are not just making clothing.

At the same time as creating the strongest enjoyment of camping and outdoor activities in Corona, I really want to create an impact that makes it unnecessary to own other clothing if I wear this one.

It has been decided that 1% of WAPROUD's sales will be donated to a global environmental protection organization.

We sincerely hope that WAPROUD clothing will be a favorite for our customers.